CDL training and more in Ohio Tirelessly dedicated to you

CDL Class A and B Training for veterans to enter our transportation and logistics industry. Operations to begin mid to late 2020. 


Veterans - Our Heart and Soul


The Dream has just begun...


The intent of is simple: Establish the means and the resources to train our nation’s military veterans into well-paying fields. This program will focus on the skills, determination, and discipline earned in their service to obtain the finest quality employee for our nation’s transportation industry. Our initial goals are to obtain facilities in which, one on one, we can train these special men and women to succeed here back home. Beginning with Commercial Drivers License Class A and B training, our dreams are to expand into warehouse training, logistics training, and many industries related to these fields such as refinery, factory, and specialized industry, rail, and the endorsements that are required of these demanding occupations.


Training excellence. No strings attached.

  Many industry programs offer "free" Commercial Drivers long as you agree to work for them afterword. Often this can lead to commitments involving crowded class rooms, subpar pay, aging equipment, and minimal one on one interaction. We want to break this trend by ensuring each one of our students gets an answer to every question, and a trainer who cares about their future, dignity, and success...and that is just the beginning. After training, our trainees will not only have their license, but a CHOICE. Each trainee will be in control of who they work for. No strings. No donor preference. No bull.

Why we're here...

Our veterans, Our duty


        Many of us will never experience the duties, battles, and service of our armed forces. Even fewer know the struggle of returning home from these trying endeavors. We believe that those who protect our great Nation should come home to thanks, grace, and the opportunity to flourish in the land they keep free.

Making a difference

        Our mission is to improve the lives of our nations most sacred defenders. Improving the transportation industry with the discipline, dedication, and honor ingrained into our military veterans. Individual attention from safety to operations, educating at any pace, ensuring no one is left behind. 

It All Starts With A Truck

One Truck...

That's all it took for us to begin our passion. Someone who believed in us enough to put their money where their mouth is. 

Earlier this year Ryder caught wind of our organization and began one of the most productive dialogues we have had to date. Upon hearing our mission statement and what we wish to achieve, Ryder donated to us a 2016 Freightliner Cascadia. This tractor is currently being transferred into our name and will be used very soon for education, visits to our veterans and veteran facilities, and to help our student candidates learn what they need to do in order to succeed in our transportation industry.

Before Ryder stepped up, we had the support and conviction of Matthew Kane and his business. Mr. Kane is working with us to get this tractor wrapped, labelled with sponsorship, and to connect us to folks who will help us sustain our organization as we begin our first steps into our dreams becoming a reality. 

Thank you, to both Matthew Kane,, and Ryder for believing in us, seeing that we are here to stay, and giving us an opportunity to walk our talk.

Our First Truck

Our First Truck

Support our veterans, every mile of the way

Donations made to are explicitly dedicated to the establishment of facilities and the means in which to train our Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces. From equipment to lodging, your generosity can pave the way for success and stability in the future of some of our finest examples of honor and heroism. Be it a toothbrush or a tractor, even the smallest efforts will move us forward to our dream of improving our soldiers' lives, our nations industries, and the standard of employee in some of the Unites State's most demanding jobs.

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For sponsorship or veterans in need of immediate job placement information.

We want to connect you to a bright and successful future. If you are an honorably discharged veteran contact us today to see how we can assist you in finding your way to a brighter tomorrow.


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Honoring our military veterans is very important to us here. Tell us about who you are and what we can do to improve your future.

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Certified Nonprofit

Certified and Ready to Serve

 Federally and State certified to operate as a nonprofit organization. puts our men and women who have served in front of every goal and action. From your first email to the driver’s seat. 

A 501 (c) (3) Organization

We're Official!


Our 501 (c) (3) Status is live. The foundation of our intention to be a Nonprofit Organization built with a focus on our veterans and their success. Greed has no place in an honorable pursuit.

Certified Leadership. Trusted Experience.

Driver training, certification, and employment opportunities all in one place.

Our founder Terry Hall knows the ropes! Decades of Service to our Transportation Industry has translated into the know how and attention to detail our veterans need and deserve. Earn and maintain your Commercial Drivers License class A or B and shine in any profession of the field you desire.